Conversations with Purpose: Network with Meaning

Want to disrupt the standard narrative of “networking”?

If you are tired of passing out your business cards, giving an elevator pitch, or conversing about the weather at large networking events, this event is for you!

What to expect:

  • Small group, but no small talk
  • Conversational, not transactional
  • Meaningful curated conversation to build relationships with other professional women

This is a place for authentic connection with those who identify as women who are experienced professionals from a diverse range of industries (e.g., law, financial services, marketing firms, human resources, and more).

How this will work:

  • I will reserve a private dining room at the Pool & Yacht Club each month at 6:30 p.m. from September to May (excluding December).
  • There are only seven (7) reserved seats, so please check your calendar before registering.
  • When you register, you agree to show up that month with curiosity, a story to share, and a willingness to participate in the conversation.
  • There is one table and conversation around a theme; you are ready to share your memories and stories and make meaningful connections with other professional women.
  • You pay for your own food and drink.

February 1, 2023


A Letter to Your Younger Self

Consider the following guiding prompts:

  • Imagine yourself early in your career - what advice would you give yourself today?
  • Is there a piece of life-changing advice that you heard? How did it impact you? or
  • What is something you've done as an adult that you'd be proud of if you were younger?

Let the topic be a place to start. Come with your story. We can't wait to hear it.

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Upcoming Events

March 2, 2023

Topic/Theme: Values

Consider the following guiding prompts:

  • Describe a time when felt you were living a full and rich life? What does that mean to you? How do your values show up in your career?
  • Share about a person you admire, personally or professionally. What traits do you admire about that person? What do you do to emulate those traits?
  • What have you lost relating to your values that you'd like to reconnect with again? Share a story that relates to this.
  • How do you define success? In what ways has your definition shifted and changed over the years? Share a story that relates.

Let the topic be a place to start. Come with your story. We can't wait to hear it.

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