Conversations with Purpose: Network with Meaning

Conversations with Purpose:
Network with Meaning

Let's do "networking" differently.

Purposeful Conversations: Network with Meaning is a place for authentic connection and thoughtful conversation while building community over a meal.

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Who is this event for?

✅ You identify as female and are an experienced professional (e.g., lawyer, financial planner, banking leader, human resource professional, business owner, and more).

✅ You want to get to know other driven, high-achieving women in the Twin Cities.

✅ You are tired of traditional large-group networking and are looking for a more intimate, small-group setting.

✅ You are over elevator pitches, simply passing out business cards, or talking about the weather.

Can you relate? Yes. This event is for you.

Nicole and other women talking at a table at the Pool and Yacht Club
Purposeful Conversations: Network with Meaning

What to expect:

  • Small group, but no small talk
  • Conversational, not transactional
  • Meaningful curated conversation to build relationships with other professional women

How this will work:

  • Reserved private dining at the Pool & Yacht Club, 6:30 p.m., September to May (excluding December).
  • Only 10 seats are available for each dinner.
  • Reserve your seat and show up that month with curiosity, a story to share, and ready to make meaningful conversations with other professional women.
  • There is one table and one conversation around a theme or topic.
  • You pay for your food and drink.
  • Free parking.
Nicole at Pool and Yacht Club Inviting You into the Room

April 20, 2023

Gremlins, Challenge, and Courage

This Month's Topic/Theme:  Gremlins, Challenge, and Courage
Consider the following guiding prompts to spark ideas:

  • Share a time when you faced a big obstacle, and you turned that obstacle into a gift to turn it into an advantage in your career or leadership.
  • Share a time when you almost held back from going after something you wanted but then decided to go for it, and it turned out to be a good decision for you.
  • Share a time when you knew that " you " stood in your way of reaching your full potential. What would you tell your younger self now, as you look back on that moment?
  • Share a story about a significant or challenging event that caused a positive (perhaps unexpected) change in you or your career path.

Let the topic be a place to start. Come with your story. We can't wait to hear it.


Great opportunity to network with other women from other specialties.

- Attendee, February 2023

A Note for the Host with a 5 star review given

"So fun! Enriching, meaningful conversation and awesome women."

- Attendee, February 2023

A Note for the Host. What would you tell a friend about this event? So fun! Enriching, meaningful conversations and awesome women :-). How many stars would you give it? 5

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