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Empowering Experienced Professionals to Advance and Thrive in New Roles!

Dr. Nicole Fredricks Jackson, JD, EdD
Talent Development Leader | Executive Coach

LEAD'R® Method Coaching

Your next level demands that you master and incorporate critical skills.

Using a whole-person approach, influenced by my training in executive coaching, emotional intelligence, and mental fitness from ICF-accredited programs, as well as a certification in Tiny Habits, I help you leverage your strengths to surpass challenges and create your version of sustainable success.

Carve Runways for Success with Nicole!

I help executives, managers, and individual contributors

become even stronger leaders.

Unearth performance gaps & leverage strengths

Uncover and Leverage Strengths

Advocate for personal and organizational shifts that improve  productivity, creativity, and satisfaction

Improve Personal Impact

Increase Networking & Relationship Building Effectiveness

Be a Better Colleague

Drive Accountability for Desired Change


I’ve been in several leadership roles and wanted to continue elevating my executive skills and presence. I needed a trusted professional coach outside my organization – one without bias, internal experience, or knowledge. I was looking for an executive coach with my best interests in mind who would give honest and valuable advice, push me to the next level, and provide effective coaching in a safe and confidential setting. I wanted a safe environment where I didn’t have to politically or professionally worry about asking or doing something incorrectly while trying to learn and grow.

Nicole provides this container for me, and I’ve grown in my leadership and reconnected with my purpose, clarity, and self-confidence. The best part is that others have noticed, too!

— Amy FP, Financial Services Professional

LEAD'R® Method Services

Let's work together toward your version of success!

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Group Coaching

Success comes from working in partnership with other strong professionals.

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You've tried doing it on your own. Now it's time to work with Nicole.

High-achieving professionals work with me because...

  • You need a sounding board and confidential space for honesty about the real challenges and space to clarify your next best steps.
  • You need help to increase confidence, communicate more effectively, and identify key relationships to build and strengthen.
  • You've tried doing it on your own, are not seeing results as fast as you'd like, and want to move toward your leadership goals faster.

When you hire me as your coach, you can confidently step up or into your new role and build a strong reputation as an effective, proactive, and comprehensive leader.

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Hiring Me Is as Easy as 1, 2, 3...

1. Explore.

Set up an Exploratory Call. Get your questions answered and partner with Nicole in a conversation in which we will decide if working with one another is a fit.

2. Decide.

If coaching with Nicole is a fit, then you decide the level and duration of your coaching experience.

3. Start.
The process begins with the assessment and exploration of goals and gaps. We build a blueprint for success. Then the real work begins - implementation of your customized plan while measuring progress and making adjustments along the way.

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As LEAD'R® Client, You Get...

High-level attention and support during & between sessions

Customized approach to creating your development plan

Practical tools and strategies to reach your next level of success

Jamie B., Sr. Manager, Medical Device

I felt unsure about the direction I wanted to go with my career; now, I am on the path I believe is suitable for me. With coaching, I was able to work through whether to seek new opportunities, gain techniques to delegate specific tasks better, and protect my time to ensure I could be the leader I wanted to be.

— Jamie B., Director, Medical Device Industry

Who is LEAD'R® Method Coaching For?


They deliver even better results for their organization, team and stakeholders.


In law, financial services, and human resources. They create tremendous (and sustainable) success.

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Lawyer Turned Doctor of Leadership

I am a leadership and professional development professional, a soccer mom, a rescue dog momma, and a partner to my spouse of 16+ years.

I help high-achieving, experienced professionals advance to or succeed in a new or existing role.

In my personal experience, coaching created rapid results in my career and life, and I now use my training and experience to help other professionals do the same.

I am a certified executive coach through the Center for Executive Coaching, an International Coaching Federation (ICF) and Board Certified Coach (BCC) approved program.

I am also a certified Tiny Habits Coach and an Emotional Intelligence Practitioner with Genos, a top 20-ranked business assessment.

My passion is helping others implement small changes resulting in a high impact and creating greater personal and professional fulfillment.

Before opening LEAD'R® Method, I helped hundreds of lawyers navigate their career paths while coaching within my role as the director of student life and alumni engagement.

If you are looking to level up more quickly than you might on your own, reach out and schedule a call to explore more together.

Dr. Nicole Fredricks Jackson, JD, EdD, Perfectionist Coach
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Certified Executive Coach Badge for World-Class Training from Center for Executive Coaching
Certified Practitioner Genos International
Tiny Habits® Certified Coach
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Achieve Your Leadership Goals

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