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Personal Responsibility: The Secret To Happiness, Success & Work-Life Balance

Have you ever felt like you were failing at work & failing at home? You are not alone.

At work, I felt pulled in a million directions. I wanted to grow my career, but there wasn't much time for anything else. I was stressed, tired, and frustrated.

At home, my tank was empty. I didn't have anything to give my family.

I felt like I was failing.

Then my dad died. My world turned upside down, but sometimes life shatters and you are given a chance to pick up the pieces and put them into a mosaic of your new life.

Death is an abrupt reminder of the importance of personal leadership. Life is short and tomorrow isn't guaranteed – It's our responsibility to make choices that deliver the life we want - today!

Determined to achieve happiness and success, I took action and embraced personal responsibility. The only thing that stood between me and my goals was me. I couldn't blame anyone else - not my boss, not my family, not lack of time. It was up to me.

I took action and accepted responsibility. I gave myself permission to be career driven and a loving mom. I let go of the guilt. I said no to burnout.

Working with a coach and a women's mastermind group changed everything. I gained new perspective and accountability for creating my vision of happiness and a successful future. It looked like:

📌 Furthering my career;

📌 Earning my value;

📌 Designing the my life based on my unique values and personal story; and,

📌 Making a real, tangible impact in the lives of others, including clients and my family.

My greatest impact: being a role model for my son. There is no guilt in that!

The lesson in it all - work-life balance is about quality, not quantity. Making moments matter is the true measure of success.


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